The artisan work is rarely accessible. To have a close look at the artisan’s daily work, one should become an apprentice, employee or be in a close relationship with the people who work there. 

The Florentine Spark initiative aims to enable physical and virtual spaces where professionals, researchers and learners can observe, interact and learn from and with the artisans themselves. 

We invite you to visit our workshops and participate in our daily life and work. 

We believe that the apprehension and practice through the “learning by doing” method is the best way to study and explore with us and from our work. 

We then invite you to add your own diverse insights and conclusions about the artisanal world, its current issues and challenges by joining our research and development initiatives in the domains of education and training.

Insieme means “together” in Italian. It stands for our inclusive approach and interested in the involvement of many. We embrace whomever share the enthusiasm and appreciation to our world. We are seeking for those who are curious about our work and projects, but also those who want to participate actively in this effort to improve and guarantee the future of our field. 

Artisans and artisanship lovers from all over the world. Researchers in the fields of management, business, economy, design, entrepreneurship and sociology, influencers (online and offline).