Antonio Liverano

Once Upon A Time

The Beginning
From his early years, with the Ionian sea as his scenic background, Antonio Liverano’s curiosity for the ancient ritual of the use of a needle and thimble emerged.
Even at the young age of twelve, Antonio was determinedly driven by his own conviction to improve and reach a superior level of professional training.

In Florence
From the first moment he arrived to Florence, young Antonio embraced the beauty of the city, its unique accumulated cultural flow, and its monumental imprint feeding his dreams and ambitions. Hosted by his older brother, Antonio rejoiced in the subtle use of their family language, but the two Liverano brothers were really connected by the common language of hard work. This anguage on which this union was based, composed its own grammar, sintax, and many many different accents.

Work ethics were none negotiable, and the interlaced reality of producing and training was a basic pattern for Antonio and his brother. The eyes were the commander in chief, the hands were the cavalry, and the legs were the infantry of the daily portentous battle Antonio encountered.

The Sixties
The sixties were as the sixties were… tailors and the tailoring profession navigated the fine line between utility and luxury. It was decisions time and Antonio, just across the square of Santa Maria Novella, has matured the idea of a new tailoring concept.
Having left his birth place and embraced a new location with new borders, he was now facing a new horizon. The needle and the thread, he believed, should be accompanied by courage and humility.

The Eighties
It took almost two decades for the tailoring world to adjust to the new contexts created by the fashion revolution of the seventies and eighties and the development of prêt-à-porter lines.
For Antonio it was a natural move forward, as his passion for art, culture and – above all – their highest expression in colors and compositions, could finally be poetically expressed and gracefully accepted by the Liveranos’ clientele.
The New Millennium

Antonio’s love, respect and gratitude for his brother Luigi were and still are the great engine of his strive for innovation and evolution of the tailoring profession.
Even after Luigi passed away, Antonio translated his brother’s generosity and willingness of knowledge sharing to an articulate system of work and production.
Liverano Today

Today, when entering the Liverano & Liverano workshop in Florence, you are struck by witnessing a dozen of young tailors and future tailors spend their time surrounding Antonio with the most unique synergy of training, work and fellowship.