Research & Development

Working with industry, institutional and government partners, we created a window to our own methodology of retaining and extending artisanal skills that we share with an international community of professionals and researchers.

Our mission is to sustain a culture of quality, integrity and creativity that preserves and enhances the best practices of our valued artisans’ knowhow and experiences.

Worldwide critical shortages of skilled artisans brings businesses to a point where they are unable to meet the growing needs of their customers due to a lack of qualified workers. As the current pool of artisanal workers continues to age, the knowledge, skills, and abilities of a valuable source of economic productivity is quickly concentrating in a diminishing percentage of the population. What remains more troubling is that much of this precious knowledge and heritage resource is being irrevocably lost.

Our institute was created to address these and other specific and important needs in the area of skilled artisanal education, training, and research assuring that the deep knowledge, skills and abilities of our community’s finest artisans is passed on to future generations.

Concurrently we believe that many others can benefit from observing and learning the way in which artisantry has survived and evolved for hundreds of years in countries such as Italy.

We extend an invitation to those that are intrigued by the breath and depth of knowledge still present today in Florence and wish to immerse themselves and their relevant institutions in the events, workshops and programs we are planning for the new decade in order to grow academically and/or professionally.

Please indicate your interest by leaving you contact information here and we will promptly get back to you:

See you all in Florence,

Dr. Clarisse Molad


Clarisse Molad, Ph.D.

Clarisse Molad is a professor of business and a student of experience. She loves teaching and inspiring others to challenge themselves and the world around them, and always puts the needs of students above everything. As a forward-thinking scholar, she has the insight needed to uncover the best material for interdisciplinary education. By combining Eitan’s progressive ideas and Maya’s remarkable strategies, Clarisse refines all educational materials to make studying and learning as fun as it is informative.

Clarisse began her long journey back at the 70’s, and her experience can tell the story of global and digital communication evolution.  She is an educator who is constantly traveling around the world, planting seeds of entrepreneurship and encouraging new young minds to dare to initiate projects and innovation on 5 continents.